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Dr. Peng Xi is a full professor in College of Future Technology, Peking University, China. His current research interests are on research and development of optical nanoscopy, as well as confocal and multiphoton microscopy techniques. He is the recipient of the National Distinguished Young Scholar by the National Science Foundation of China. Dr. Peng Xi has published over 80 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Nature Methods, etc. He holds 20 issued patents, including 3 US patents. He is a Senior Member of OSA.


Focus On Microscopy
(FOM) 2023

2023. 4. 2 - 4. 5, 2023 Porto, Portugal
Advanced Photonics 2022

2022.11.21-11.23, Hangzhou, China 
Computational Imaging Conference (CITA) 2022

2022.10.10-10.12, Shanghai, China
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