Media Reports 

  1. 工学院席鹏课题组在超分辨显微成像上取得重要进展

  2. Nat Comm | 席鹏/戴琼海合作在超分辨显微成像上取得重要进展

  3. 贤集网:北大开发了偏振光结构光显微技术 便于研究亚细胞结构中的蛋白

  4. Nature子刊: 偏振光结构光显微技术(pSIM)--分析测试百科网

  5. Distinguished Young Scholar of Beijing北京市政府公告:北京市杰青项目

  6. 青塔:北京大学工学院席鹏及合作者在Nature Methods发文:



  9. Physics World:

  10. Science Alert:


  12. LabOnline:

  13. Nature Methods Highlight:

  14. BioOptics World:






  20. Nature Photonics: Axial Super-resolution

  21. ScienceDaily: Tiny mirror improves microscope resolution for studying cells

  22. BioOpticsWorld: Mirror approach boosts super-resolution microscopy for cell studies

  23. ViralTechnologyNews: Tiny Mirror Improves Microscope Resolution for Studying Cells

  24. EurekAlert: Tiny mirror improves microscope resolution for studying cells

  25. 2015年度中国光学重要成果奖

  26. BioOpticsWorld: Joint-tagging Super-resolution Optical Fluctuation Imaging: Live-cell imaging enables super resolution in space and time

  27. Microscopy and Microanalysis: Book review: Optical Nanoscopy and Novel Microscopy Techniques by Prof. Guy Cox

  28. Nature News and Views: Nanocrystals: Shining a light on upconversion

  29. Nature Highlight: Super-bright nanocrystals

  30. Nanowerk Nanotechnology News Breakthrough in nanotechnology sensing

  31. Asian Scientist Magazine Super-bright nanocrystals for diagnostic testing

  32. SciCAST: Breakthrough in Sensing at the Nanoscale

  33. 科学网: 科学家获得高浓度掺杂上转换纳米粒子

  34. 中国行业研究网: 中澳科学家联手获得高浓度掺杂上转换纳米粒子

  35. 中国创新网:科学家获得高浓度掺杂上转换纳米粒子

  36. Youtube video: SUPER Dot molecular probes: Finding a needle in a haystack

  37. Youtube video: Breakthrough in sensing at the nanoscale

  38. Youtube video: Single nanocrystal sensitivity

  39. 科学网: 研究实现STED超分辨率光学显微成像

  40. 显微图像网:北大席鹏小组实现STED超分辨率光学显微成像

  41. 激光制造网:STED超分辨率光学显微成像已实现

  42. 生物秀:《PLoS综合》:研究实现STED超分辨率光学显微成像

  43. 中国医药门户-米内网:研究实现STED超分辨率光学显微成像

  44. OFWeek光学网:STED超分辨率光学显微成像已实现

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